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Painting is mystical,
the creation of my own world.

Georgia Berlin

Zaza Tuschmalischvili and Annilie Hillmer

Berlin has always had a magical attraction for Georgian intellectuals and artists. Conversely, the interest in Georgian art was correspondingly great. It was already celebrated in Berlin in the 1970s and 1980s as an expression of beauty, mysticism and artistic power and awakened the longing for the distant land in the Caucasus.
The same happened to the Georgian painter Zaza Tuschmalischvili and Annilie Hillmer.

At the beginning of the 90s, the artist and trained fresco restorer came to Berlin. Annilie Hillmer discovers him, she is fascinated by his art and becomes his Gallerist owner. For more than thirty years she has shown Tuschmalishvili's works at art fairs, at the Georgia Berlin Galerie in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Bleibtreustr. 17 and various exhibitions.

Zaza Tuschmalishvili is now one of the most important contemporary Georgian painters.

In Berlin, the artist developed his unmistakable pictorial language: iconographic elements of Christian-religious painting merge with Cubist or Surrealist forms. In the warm colors and refined painting techniques, his Georgian homeland becomes just as tangible as his immersion in the modern painting of the West.

Video: Hayden Verry
Musik: Benjamin Tissot

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