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Study trip

Zaza spent the semester breaks from 1984 to 1987 in the monastery of Gelati in western Georgia. It was founded in the 12th century by the famous Georgian king Davit the Builder. Square centimeter by square centimeter, the students, with simple means and a lot of patience, clean the walls of the churches, bringing to life the beautiful figures of the saints and the scenes of their vitae. In Gelati, Zaza also participated in the restoration of the apsis mosaic of the Church of Our Lady, created by a Greek artist.

In 1988, the budding restorer lived and worked for nine months in the church of Ateni Sioni. Here he made his thesis, a copy of the Archangel Gabriel, a wall painting from the 11th century. The magnificent Annunciation Angel of Ateni Sioni is not missing in any Byzantine art history.

Back to the roots

Georgia Atenis Sioni Kirche
Atenis Sioni Kirche
Atenis Sioni Kirche

    Atenis Sioni Church and Gelati Monastery, Georgia 2022

    Atenis Sioni Kirche
    Atenis Sioni Kirche

      Travel and Encounters

      The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 made dreams come true for 31-year-old Georgian Zaza Tuschmalischvili, who was finally able to travel to the West. With a "snatched" visa, he arrived in Berlin in October.
      When he met Annilie Hillmer in 1994, she shared his yearning to travel. Together with her he explored Germany, Europe and the USA.  They visited the great museums, galleries and exhibitions there. These impressions are reflected in Tuschmalischvili's paintings, expanded his diversity.
      The trips from 2010 to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, UAE also inspired his creativity. Great expressive paintings and series were created, which pick up the richness of color of the countries and thus highlight the masterful painting style of the artist.

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